Friday, January 29, 2016

3 Great Autism Posts You Have to Read

1. ASD Cribs! Or, Lifestyles of the Stressed and Shameless

This blog post is hilarious. It is so refreshing to read an autistic blog that makes you laugh. The author, Mel invites you into her house and takes you on a tour.

One snippet of this blog made me lol: "Here is Big Bro's room. He has a slide-latch on his door, but as you can see, the boy used an overturned wastebasket from the bathroom as a step-stool so he could unlock it and get in. How clever!"

From  nudity to the lock on the backyard gate, you'll be smiling and saying, "Oh yeah. That's my house, too!"

2. Am I Spoiling My Child or Accommodating His Special Needs?

Shawna, the author of this blog, writes eloquently of the doubts and shame she feels as she waits for the behavioral therapist's words:  The image I have of myself, is that I am the mom who spoils her kids. It comes from being accused... of being the mom who spoils her kids."

Shawna writes of her sense of relief when the therapist validates her as a mom: 
"You are accommodating him so that he can interact with and engage in the world ... That is not spoiling him. That is helping him. That is being his mom."

3. Dear Mom of a Child with High Functioning Autism

This is a blog post which is written from the heart. The author, Erika, covers the emotions we autism moms feel; we know after reading her post that we are not alone. I was tearing up as I read Erika's post, and I  did something I usually don't: I left a comment.

"Sometimes you catch yourself watching other kids your child’s age and secretly wish your child was like them. Then you feel bad for even thinking that and quickly remind yourself just how much you love your child."

Read these 3 posts. You won't be sorry!

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